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Topic: Reconstructing, Tracing, and Recording Developmental Landscapes and Trajectories from Integrative Analysis of Single-Cell Data
Date: 03/12/2019
Time: 10:30 am - 11:30 am
Venue: Room 407-8, 4/F, Li Ka Shing Medical Sciences Building, Prince of Wales Hospital, Shatin
Category: Talks/Seminars

Seminar Poster

Dr. Jian SHU
Helen Hay Whitney Fellow,
Eric Lander Lab | Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard,
Rudolf Jaenisch Lab I Whitehead Instiute,
Harvard University, Boston, USA

Understanding the molecular logic that guides cell fate transition during development is a major goal of modern biology. Here, we developed novel experimental and computational methods for reconstructing, tracing, and recording developmental landscapes and trajectories to infer ancestor-descendant fates and model the regulatory programs that underlie them. We demonstrated the power of these methods by integration of single-cell transcriptomic, epigenetic, high-resolution spatial multiplex RNA, and CRISPR-based lineage tracing data collected during 1) reprogramming of fibroblasts to pluripotency by the Yamanaka factors and alternative reprogramming cocktails; 2) reprogramming of fibroblasts to totipotency by a novel cocktail; and 3) mouse extraembryonic lineage development (placenta). We constructed high-resolution maps of these reprogramming strategies and mouse development that uncover universal mechanisms of successful reprogramming and discover new cell fates, respectively. These integrative maps were also able to predict the origin and fate of any cell class; suggest cell-cell interactions; and implicate regulatory models in particular trajectories in reprogramming and development. Our approach provides the first large-scale, high- resolution roadmaps of reprogramming to pluripotency and totipotency using various reprogramming cocktails and mouse embryonic development. It also provides a general framework for studying cell fate conversions in natural and induced settings.

CME Accreditation:
* One CME point for attendance pending approval by the Medical Council of Hong Kong (MCHK).


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