Name : WONG, Hei Sunny 黃曦
Title :
Assistant Professor (Clinical)
Home Department :  Medicine and Therapeutics
Institute of Digestive Disease
Email :
Office Phone No. (852) 3505 3942
Website :


Dr Sunny Wong is an Assistant Professor at the Institute of Digestive Disease and Department of Medicine & Therapeutics in the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Following his medical qualification at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, he pursued his postgraduate degree to work on human genetics of common infectious diseases at the University of Oxford. He has published over 20 peer-reviewed papers including articles in PLoS Pathogens, Nature Genetics and The New England Journal of Medicine. He has won a number of awards including the Croucher Foundation Scheme for the Development of Clinical Academics and the Human Genome Organization Travel Award. His research interests are to understand the host-microbe relationship, especially with the gut microbiome, in various infectious and digestive diseases and to explore novel biomarkers for clinical application.

Specialised Research Area(s):

Host-microbiome interaction in infectious and digestive diseases
Colorectal cancer screening

Selected Publications:

1. Wong, S. H. , Hill, A. V., Vannberg, F. O., & India-Africa-United Kingdom Leprosy Genetics, C. (2010). Genomewide association study of leprosy. N Engl J Med, 362 (15), 1446-1447; author reply 1447-1448.

2. Wong, S. H. , Gochhait, S., Malhotra, D., Pettersson, F. H., Teo, Y. Y., Khor, C. C., . . . Vannberg, F. O. (2010). Leprosy and the adaptation of human toll-like receptor 1. PLoS Pathog , 6 , e1000979.

3. Thye, T., Vannberg, F. O., Wong, S. H. , Owusu-Dabo, E., Osei, I., Gyapong, J., . . . Hill, A. V. (2010). Genome-wide association analyses identifies a susceptibility locus for tuberculosis on chromosome 18q11.2. Nat Genet , 42 (9), 739-741.

4. Khor, C. C., Vannberg, F. O., Chapman, S. J., Guo, H., Wong, S. H. , Walley, A. J., . . . Hill, A. V. (2010). CISH and susceptibility to infectious diseases. N Engl J Med , 362 (22), 2092-2101.

5. Wong, S. H. , Sung, J. J., Chan, F. K., To, K. F., Ng, S. S., Wang, X. J., . . . Wu, W. K. (2013). Genome-wide association and sequencing studies on colorectal cancer. Seminars in Cancer Biology, 23 (6 Pt B), 502-511.

6. Ng, S. C., & Wong, S. H. (2013). Colorectal cancer screening in Asia. Br Med Bull, 105 , 29-42.

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