i. Embryo Manipulation Service

Embryo Micromanipulation Platform (Starting from 1 December 2012)

Chimeric mice can be generated via pluripotent cell (ES cell and iPS cell) injection. If the pluripotent cells contain gene modification and contribute to the germ line, transgenic mice will be obtained, which is a very useful system to study gene function and model disease.

Two major services are now provided by the Core Laboratory:

1.   Injection of pluripotent cells into the 4-cell to blastocyst stage embryo. This service aims to help users study the mechanism on early embryonic cell fate segregation and characterise the pluripotency of the injected cells.

2.   Generation of the ES/iPS-dervied chimeric mice with the pluripotent cells provided by users. Besides injecting pluripotent cells into the embryos, we will prepare the pseudopregnant foster mother for the users and implant the injected embryos to the foster mother for obtaining chimeric mice.