Biomedical Computing Centre

The Biomedical Computing Centre (BCC) is one of the important core facilities at the Li Ka Shing Institute of Health Sciences (LiHS). The BCC provides technology deployment, scientific consultation, collaboration training, and high-performance computing support for genomics and bioinformatics research, including data analysis following massively parallel sequencing to LiHS faculties and staff. 

The BCC was established and opened in summer of 2010.  Located on 7th floor of Li Ka Shing Medical Sciences Building and follow the Tier 3 Data Centre Standard and TIA-942 Data Center Standards. 

The BCC has undergone an expansion project in 2014. Currently, the LiHS Biomedical Computing Environment (BCE) comprises of a high speed 40GE two-tier flat backbone network, three sets of high performance scaled-out Network-Attached Storage systems (582T) with parallel file systems, a Multi-tier Archiving and Backup System (210T) and two full 16-node high performance computing clusters on blade systems.  The high speed backbone network extends from the BCC to every floor of the Institute, allowing easy connection between high throughput NGS equipment in laboratories and the BCE.  

Major IT Facilities List:
Computing Systems (overall 11TFLOPS processing power)
Dell M610 Blade Cluster

Dell M710HD Blade Cluster

Storage Systems (overall 50000 IOPS)
Isilon IQX 12000 × 4

Isilon X200 × 6

Isilon X400 × 4

Oracle Archiving and Backup System (X4270 cluster × 2, storage 7420, SL500 LTO5 Tape Library)

High Speed Network
Cisco N5K, N2K and 4900M

Dell Force10 4810 × 4

For enquiry, please contact the Biomedical Computing Centre:

Mr. Tony Liu / Mr. Michael Lau 

Tel: (852) 3763 6017 / (852) 3763 6016

Email: /