• To serve as a regional hub of intelligence in the field of health sciences by promoting a strategic cluster of outstanding research personnel and supporting their teams with its state-of-the-art infrastructure
  • To spearhead initiatives in interdisciplinary researches that revolve around the broader topic of personal health
  • To constantly explore new basic, clinical and applied research frontiers in health sciences
  • To translate scientific advances into tests and treatments that will benefit patients and promote health


  • INTEGRATION: Through its dynamic interdisciplinary setting, LiHS seeks to stimulate the spirit of scientific inquiry, an integrative perspective of science, and exchange of ideas among scientists from its various core disciplines.
  • A CRITICAL MASS: With its first-class equipment coupled with other funding supports offered to its research teams under one single institutional framework, resources are optimally pooled together and leveraged upon for maximum effects.
  • HUMAN CAPITAL: Great minds must be given opportunities to realize their vision. The operational principle of LiHS purports to provide a care-free environment with maximum support and minimal restrictions for scientists to focus their efforts in research and innovation.
  • PARTNERSHIPS: LiHS will also strive to forge strategic partnership with private and public organizations for multi-disciplinary collaborations in research projects related to personal health and health education


  • LiHS positions itself as a unique and vital institution at the forefront of research in the global life sciences arena, from which society will reap huge benefits through the sustainable development of a healthy community.